About The Owner

Since I am the author of this page...I will not refer to myself in the third party :)

So Hi everyone.....My name is Christian Magro and I am the owner of ACM Solutions, LLC.

I started out as a Project Architect a while back and a few years later became a Building Contractor.  I learned very quickly that I can only tolerate sitting behind a desk (designing) for a short time...and only if I get to build what I design.

Working with my hands became a must from that point on.  My family moved to the Carolinas, where I started a custom staircase and fabrication shop.

I had the pleasure of being one of the best known custom staircase companies around and I absolutely loved the industry.

I was very well known for my custom designs and craftsmanship.  It was a very successful time and all was going well.

Enter the 2009 recession....Darn It

Not much use for high end (and expensive) custom staircases during that time.  It was time to adapt and move forward with something else.

Then something really interesting and unexpected happened....a friend of a friend (with a little girl that loved to paint) made a comment about how expensive it was to purchase good frames for her daughter.  I had lumber, equipment and the talent to create frames....so I made some beautiful ones for her as a gift.

Well that lead to my wife starting a little Etsy shop to sell frames.  The shop was called Peck-n-Scratch (it's still there if you want to check it out).  She immediately received a request to put a mirror in the frame....and just like that....we gave birth to a custom mirror company.

Within two years....Peck-n-Scratch mirrors became know from coast to coast for creating some of the highest quality mirrors available.  I handled the designwork and the fabrication of frames.  My wife (an accomplished wood finisher) did the finish work and ran the business.

We created hundreds of mirrors....all shapes and sizes.  We created mirrors for powder rooms and we created custom arched mirrors for restaurants in the Hamptons...we received raving reviews and there was always a waiting list to get your mirror on our schedule list.

During the time our mirror company was active....I started a small Wood Cutout shop and shortly after a Cork Shop on Etsy (little thing on the side).  Since our mirror frames are solid hardwood and quite high-end (and expensive),  we received constant requests to make more affordable frames (just frames)....this led me to create my ACMS Frame Shop (again on Etsy).

Our time was mostly invested in Peck-n-Scratch until my wife was forced to shift gears to help with her mother's declining health.  Our mirror company was (and still is) on hiatus because of this and I was forced to work towards making ACMS carry the entire load. 

This all happened not too long ago (end of 2020)....and since that time ACMS has grown very quickly and expanded to include a Frame Shop, Needlework Shop, Cork Shop, Puzzle Shop, Wood Cutout Shop, Mirror Shop and a Wood Blanks Shop.  These shops are on Etsy but will all be combined in this one location.

This ACMS Shopping Hub just came to life in 2022 and will take some time to completely set up...but is well underway. 

My attention (obsession) to high quality and great value should be quite obvious...and I am now directing that obsession here...for you the client.

I'm glad you took the time to get to know me a little better...and I look forward to taking whatever you imagine and helping to make it reality.

It's what I do best..


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