ACMS - Overview Of The Company

ACMS (Advanced Craft Making Solutions) is a custom fabrication company owned and operated by a father and son team.
It is a true small family business with no outsourcing aside from raw materials.

The business is extremely diversified, servicing both commercial and non-commercial clients.  Our commercial clients are mostly Interior Designers but we work with Architects, Builders and other Fabrication Companies as well.
Non-commercial clients are....well.....everyone else.  This includes artists of all kinds, embroidery stitchers, pin collectors, moms and get the idea.

Great Products and Custom Fabrication

We began as a custom fabrication that is our specialty.  The creation of our online shop and the products contained within was something we added just a few years ago. 

The decision to create certain products has always come from the frustration of people like you having to put up with "what's out there".
We hear the new products that solve the problems and issues...and make them available to the public.

We began with wood cutouts...creating some of the best designs and highest quality work available. 

We heard boundless complaints about the competition regarding the lack of good designs (i.e. cheesy), splinters, burnt edges from lasers and low grade material.  None of that here.

Then we added Cork products....addressing complaints about thin or low quality cork, warping due to poor choice in backers, inability to securely hang on wall and again....poor designs. 

We have the best quality cork products available....and a great value.

Then we added what would become over 80% of our product line and custom fabrication work.....Frames.

Frames for all Industries....all Shapes.....all Sizes....all Types. Frames for Needlework, Paintings, Puzzles, Stained Glass, Mirrors.

You need a frame....a really nice frame?  This is your new source.
Creating custom frames is our specialty too....if you've ever had a hard time finding the right frame (at the right price) to properly frame something...your troubles are over.

ACMS is continuously growing with new products being designed all the time.

If you want to keep up with what we are doing...follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter.  We would love to have you grow with us.



Christian and CJ Magro

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