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Round Framed Cork Board - FLAT COVE Profile - 1 1/2" Frame Width - 1" Thick

Round Framed Cork Board - FLAT COVE Profile - 1 1/2" Frame Width - 1" Thick

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ACMS FRAMED CORK BOARDS are high quality boards for commercial and residential use.

We make them using natural 3/8" thick cork adhered to a 1/4" thick backer board.  The assembly is secured within one of our quality craft frames and finished to your specs.

Our frames have multiple built-in keyhole support holes for hanging your framed board securely in any direction or angle. Wall anchors are included with your purchase so your board is ready to hang right out of the box.

Compare our specs with the competition and judge for yourself.  ACMS Framed Cork Boards are by far the best value when you are looking for a beautiful and high quality board.


Adjusting the frame size for our boards is usually not an issue...but number of requests we've received from clients needing adjustments to fit in a specific location prompted us to make the size customizable.

If you need a frame as smaller than the smallest size need to purchase the smallest size. 
If you need a frame larger than the largest size need to contact us for a custom order.


Note that our frames are sized by the INSIDE CLEAR DIMENSION.  In other words...the visible cork area.


You simply select the next size UP from the size you need and let us know the exact size you required in the "Custom Frame Interior Size" text box.  If you needed a frame interior size of 17 1/4", for example, you would select the 18" size (which is the next available size UP from the size you need.  Then you just let us know that you want a 17 1/4" size.

If you do not need any adjustment then there is not need to enter anything in the text box...but feel free to re-enter your selected size if you want.


Painted Finish:
Our standard frame color is is our most common color and looks great.

We are also able to paint your frame in just about any valid VALSPAR SATIN color.  Just select the "Painted Custom Color" option and enter a valid VALSPAR color name/code in the "Custom Paint Color" text box.  Please do not just type in something like "red"....there are many reds out there.

Wood Tone Finish:
Wood tone finishes simulate solid wood without the cost of expensive hardwood.  We've really perfected this art of finishing and our clients would agree.

Walnut and Mahogany wood tone finishes are the available ones for our Cork Board Frames...they look extremely nice next to the natural cork color. 

Still Have Questions?
Getting you the perfect Framed Cork Board is extremely important to us.  So if you have ANY questions, need clarification on anything or simply want our advice on what to order....CONTACT US.  We are here to help and happy to do so.

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