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Round Needlework Floater Frame - Flat Cove Profile - 1 3/4" Frame Width

Round Needlework Floater Frame - Flat Cove Profile - 1 3/4" Frame Width

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ACMS NEEDLEWORK FLOATER FRAMES allow your needlework to be displayed within the frame in a way that makes it appear to float within the space.

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The actual order you are placing is for the FRAME SIZE and the FRAME FINISH. 

But before you select the frame need to know how you want the interior of the frame designed.

The components that make up the interior of the frame are all included with the purchase of the frame but require you to give us additional information so we can properly provide them for you.

Once you know how you want the interior of the frame to be configured...the frame size will be easy. Should you have any questions on how to properly order this item please contact us and we'll guide you through it all.



The Mounting Board is the component your artwork is placed over.  Determining the size you need should actually be the first thing you do.


The Float Gap is the distance between your artwork and the interior edge of the frame.  The minimum (and standard) gap size is typically 1/2"....which would require a frame size 1" larger than the Mounting Board size.


You want to place your artwork onto a 8" Mounting Board.  The "standard" frame size you would select is 9".  This will give you a frame in which your artwork is floating with a 1/2" gap all around it.

You are not limited to just a standard 1/2" float gap with these can increase the float gap in 1/2" increments by increasing the size of the frame.  Using your 8" Mounting Board as an example....if you wanted 2" of space between your artwork and the frame interior you would simply select a frame size of 12" (determined by adding 2" to each side of the mounting board size).


The Mounting Ring is the component that secures your artwork within the frame.  You secure it to both the frame and the mounting board.  The finish applied to this mounting ring is displayed as the float gap.

Your finished options are as follows:

DIY - Unfinished
Select this option if you want to paint it yourself.  You may also want to do more than just paint this ring...maybe decoupage it or glue other materials to it.  You may also want to create a "ring" of embroidery around your main work.  Lots of options here.

Match Frame Finish: want us to finish the mounting ring with the same finish as the frame.

Standard Color:
Select a color from our standard color chart.

Match DMC Color:
Like most of our product for this industry...we will gladly paint this item to match a specific DMC Color.  If you select this option simply enter the DMC code in the text box requesting it.



The frame size at this point should be easy for you to figure out.  If you have any doubt at all or need help making sure you are ordering the correct item please contact us.  We are happy to help and want to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Frame Finish Options are pretty standard...

DIY - Unfinished
Select this option if you want to paint it yourself.  The only reason to select this option is if you want to do some unique painting or finishing.  Do not select this option if you think it will save you will not.  By the time you do the painting yourself you will wish you had paid the small additional amount for us to paint it.

Painted Finish:
Our standard color chart features common color requests for frames. If you see a color you like from our standard color chart then select this option and enter the color in the next text box.

If you want the frame painted to match a particular DMC simply enter the DMC color code in the same text box.

Wood Tone Finish:
Wood tone finishes simulate solid wood without the cost of expensive hardwood.  We've really perfected this art of finishing and our clients would agree.

Take a look at our available wood tone finishes by scrolling through the listing pictures.  When you locate the one you like just enter it in the Wood Tone Finish text box.


Still Have Questions?

Getting you the perfect frame is extremely important to us.  So if you have ANY questions, need clarification on anything or simply want our advice on what the best frame is for you....CONTACT US.  We are here to help and happy to do so.

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