Multi-Level Elephant Cutout

Multi-Level Cutouts allow you to do pretty complex designs while maintaining simplicity with the finishing work.

We usually create these advanced cutouts for the commercial industry but they are certainly available to everyone.

There are many ways to create these types of really depends on a lot of things.  This particular project had us creating three separate cutouts...a cloud, moon and baby elephant.  We also added finishing grooves to the elephant to make the finish much easier.

You can see how the cloud and moon have recessed areas...these recessed areas are to seat the next cutout in perfect alignment and hold it in place for proper securing.

So now the moon is exactly where it needs to be. 

Prior to placement would be the finishing of course....but imagine if the moon was already secure.  Painting the cloud now would be much harder...and the moon.  The components were all painted prior to can imagine how easier it was to create this piece.

And now you have the elephant in place...perfectly aligned and exactly where it needs to be.

The multi-level aspect of this type of cutout is really is a true three dimensional piece producing nice shadows and depth.


Here you go....all painted, glittered and assembled.

You can see how this is a huge step up from your standard cutout.



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