Magic Mickey Cutouts.....

Event planning companies love ACMS when it comes to custom fabrication.

The ability for you to use us as your own personal custom fabrication shop is by far the greatest advantage to working with us.

Projects like this usually begin with a doesn't have to be a professional drawing.  We can work with a sketch and a general idea of what you want.



We received this particular sketch from our client.

We also received an idea on what the project was...the approximate size of the piece and the desired material.

The more information you can relay to us the just makes the design work faster and more accurate.

With the information in hand....we create spec drawings and make adjustments as needed to finalize the project.

This project contained finishing grooves...which makes the finishing process so much easier. 

The cutouts themselves were all loose (not attached)....our client wanted to take care of the final placement of the components.

Here are the pieces in place (but not glued)...looks wonderful :)




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