Puzzle Pieces Everywhere!

Hundreds of puzzle pieces adorn the walls of Bethel Gospel Church in Schenectady, New York.

We had a blast designing and fabricating this project for our client.  The goal was simple....puzzle pieces of all shapes and sizes that could be hung in any direction or any angle.

By placing four built-in keyhole supports on each piece....they could be placed anywhere by themselves or interlocked together.

 The general scale of these pieces ranged from 16" all the way up to 36". They were all open pieces (no end or border pieces). Our client wanted them to always appear to be unfinished and ready for more.


We also made these pieces in varying thickness. 

This way when they are interlocked, the different depths of each piece would add to the depth and overall look.


 The finished project came out great...with puzzle pieces of all colors.










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