Industrial Mirror Project

As with all ACMS Hardwood begins with raw lumber.

The lumber we used for this project comes with history....extracted from an old South Carolina Textile Mill.  We acquired a bunch of it and use it for various projects.  The wood is heart pine.....about 2 1/2" thick with T&G sections we cut off.

We then created each section of the frame using CNC Technology....making each component precise for the frame.

After dry fitting and marking the components for joining....we secured each component using steel hanger bolts.  This is standard practice for our mirror construction.

Once we carved the frame to final size (using CNC again)....we sanded and prepped the frame for the finish room.

Staining began as a base coat to establish the overall look of the frame.

Here is the overall frame with the initial base stain applied.

Now comes the fun part....the toning and glazing of the entire frame to give it an old industrial type feel.  This is a very artistic process and one in which we've perfected quite well.

Next we placed real bolts in the keys using awesome final touch.

Here is the final frame before installing the mirror.

And here is the final came out beautiful!!



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