Noy Super Convex Mirror

This custom convex mirror was completely wild to create....the Interior Designer sent us a profile drawing and we accepted her challenge.

The final size was unsure at first so we created full mock-up profile sections in various sizes to move things towards final approval.

We carved three separate levels to create the frame....each level was actually a frame in itself.  The levels were secured to each other and produced the final carved frame.

Each level was also assembled using steel hanger bolts at each component...this frame was definitely built to last.

Sanding and prepping took forever...but it finally entered the finish room.We applied a light natural base coat of stain to start.

Then came the glazing and the frame exceptional depth and life.

The final finish work was truly amazing!!

After multiple clear coats.....we have our completely mirror frame.

Convex mirror now is the completely project.

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