Peace Sign Mirror Project

We never turn down the opportunity to work on unique projects....and this beautiful peace sign mirror was certainly one of them.


We used solid walnut for the frame and hand selected each component.  The character of the wood was to take center stage and we wanted this statement piece to really stand out.


Each component of the frame was securing using steel hanger bolts.  This is standard practice for us....every ACMS hardwood mirror is constructed this way.


Completion of the assembly produces the "blank"....ready to carve.


The custom profile is designed using custom software we created.  It allows us to invest all of our time with the design and then automatically creates the programming required to carve it using CNC equipment.


 Once carved.....we sanded the frame.

This particular frame required us to do most of the sanding by hand....quite extensive but in the end...well worth it.


This final product came out beautiful...and our client was extremely happy.


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