Craft Floater Frame - Quick Help Ordering


This quick help is not a replacement for reading the detailed description of this please scroll down and do that.


Artwork Size Selection.....

Frames are sized based on your simply select your artwork size. If your exact artwork size is not listed in the drop down selection select the next size UP from the frame size you need.

Then in the Artwork Size Adjustment text box simply enter the exact size of your artwork....we'll customize the frame for the size you give us.


If your Artwork is 21.5" would select the 24" size (which is the next size UP from 21.5")

For shapes other than might want to contact us for help with sizing your frame.


Float Gap.....

The Float Gap is the space between the edge of your artwork and the interior of the frame.  There are three standard sizes to choose from....with the default being 3/8".

We can create Float Gaps there are much wider than the maximum listed...but you need to contact us for a custom order because extra wide float gaps change the size of the overall frame.


Frame Finish.....

Finishing is included with the purchase of your frame.  We have standard colors for you to choose from (refer to color chart in listing photos) or you can let us know a custom color to paint.  You do this by entering a valid VALSPAR color code/name.

If you want a Wood Tone Finish on your frame (refer to wood tone chart in listing photos), just enter in which wood tone finish you want.


Your Artwork Info.....

This is not a requirement but we would love to know what it is you are framing.  We may look at your order and realize that you did not order correctly or mis-calculated the frame size.

Most of our products are custom made for you per your specs, which makes them non-returnable.  Making sure your frame is exactly what you need is very important to us and we are always here to help you with the ordering.


Chat with us.....

If you have any questions regarding this product please don't hesitate to contact us.  The best way is via the "Chat with us" button lower right of screen.