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Enjoy some of these client submitted photos showing off some of the beautiful mirrors we've created.

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  • Soft and Shabby

    Our Soft Arch Mirror in a shabby chic bathroom.

    By default this mirror has a COTTAGE profile but we can create it in other profiles if needed.

    The finish shown here is Chestnut

  • Backlit and Beautiful

    This is a Solid Rustic Walnut round mirror with a clear natural finish.

    We added a rear recess area for LED lighting per the client's request.

  • Beauty at the Bar

    This Solid Walnut oval mirror is over 7' tall and a wonderful statement piece for this establishment.

    We've actually had the honor of creating custom mirrors for some of this client's patrons.

  • Convex Modern Flat

    This is a Solid Rustic Alder convex mirror in a Natural finish

  • Modern Flat Rounds

    This is a matching pair of Solid Rustic Walnut round mirrors. A clear natural finish on the walnut brings out the character nicely.

  • Oval Cove

    This is a Solid Walnut oval mirror with a COVE profile and a dark walnut glaze applied to the frame.

  • Breezy Capsules

    This is our capsule mirror in a Modern Stepped profile.

    It has a custom natural finish designed for a beach condo.

  • Elegant Cross

    This is actually a custom mirror but we've done quite a bit of them so they seem to be standard.

    Solid Rustic Walnut with a Natural Clear finish.

  • Happy Clients

    Clients showing off their new Country Profile vanity mirror.

    Solid Knotty Alder frame (extra knotty) and our Chestnut finish

  • Walnut Modern Flats

    Solid Rustic Walnut with a clear natural finish. The profile is our modern flat.

  • Rounded Corner Beauty

    What an adorable picture this is.

    Our rounded corner mirror with a COVE profile (default) and a NATURAL finish.

  • Matching Finish

    These rounded corner mirrors are Solid Rustic Alder and finished to match the vanities (an Expresso based finish).

  • Convex Reflections

    Placing a convex mirror at the end of a hallway is very common.

    This one is made with Solid Rustic Alder and has a COUNTRY profile. The finish is our Natural.

  • Setting the Mood

    This Soft Arch mirror creates a beautiful environment in a restaurant.

    Although the lighting doesn't show it...the finish is called Chestnut.

  • Flat with Bevel

    These twin mirrors are Solid Rustic Walnut. They have a Flat profile with an interior bevel.

    The finish is Natural, which is the finish we use on all walnut mirrors by default.

  • Rounded Corner Twins

    These round corner mirrors we custom created for a builder.

    We used reclaimed pine and custom mixed the finish to match the client's needs.

  • Clean and Simple

    Our Box Frame showing some beautiful character from the Solid Rustic Alder.

    The finish is our Natural Clear

  • High Rustic Leaner

    We hand selected some very high character alder for this leaner.

    This beauty has a nice wide frame that is almost 2" thick.

    The finish is Custom Natural.

  • Custom Stain Matching

    This wide Solid Clear Alder mirror is perfectly sized for the vanity.

    The finish is also a perfect match to the vanity.....beautiful.

  • Country Charm

    Our gorgeous Solid Rustic Alder Country mirror over a vanity.

    This mirror frame is finished with our very popular CHESTNUT. It is a walnut finish with a hint of red tone.

  • Western Style

    We use high rustic alder for this mirror giving it that incredible western look.

    The profile is MODERN BEVEL and the finish is DARK NATURAL.

  • Oval Elegance

    This elongated oval mirror is made with Solid Rustic Walnut.

    The Natural Clear finish we aply to our walnut really brings out the character of the wood.

  • High Rustic Beauty

    Our BOX mirror with hand selected High Rustic Solid Alder.

    The finish is our NATURAL CLEAR

  • Clean and Dark

    These Solid Rustic Alder mirrors incorporate our BOX profile.

    The client requested a very dark finish....and that's what they got.

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