Mirror - Shipping Info

Shipping mirror crates is a little bit different than shipping in standard cardboard boxes. Overall size, weight and handling all play a role in the final shipping cost....as does your location.

We research all shipping options to get you the best shipping price.

We need to know the exact mirror(s) you are wanting to order and your full shipping address. We also need to know if we are shipping to a residence or commercial business.

Feel free to use the "Chat with Us" button on the lower right to send us that information.  You can also add the mirror(s) to your car and we'll be able to see what's in there. 

We'll research the best shipping price and get you a formal quote to approve....this usually take only a couple hours depending on when the request is made.

Once your order is placed we will send you an additional invoice for the shipping only.  We can do this immediately or we can hold off until just before we ship.