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Round Mirrors

ACMS Round Mirrors are the best solid wood mirrors available anywhere...period.

Frames built the way a round mirror should be, ACMS Round Mirrors lead the pack in both beauty and construction.

Clean and Classy

Our most basic round mirror is called MODERN FLAT.

The attention we give to details, grain and character and high quality finish makes even our simplest mirror an incredible statement piece.

Country Charm

Our COUNTRY mirrors are beautifully carved with a profile that says "home".

The variations in size, frame width and frame finish make them perfect for any part of your home.

We see these used mostly above fireplaces and in entry foyers.

That Little Detail

Our MODERN BEVEL frame is identical to our flat but with an added interior bevel.

This style is great for those that want simple and clean....but with just a little bit of extra detail.

The bevel visually brings the mirror up to the front of the frame and turns that minimalist look into more of a "wow" look.

Sweeping Coves

Our DOUBLE COVE frame is truly a beautiful design. You have an interior cove against the mirror and a larger cove along the outside perimeter.

The grain and knots of the Solid Alder follow the curves to provide a truly stunning look.

The mirrors shown here are finished with our NATURAL CLEAR.

Secure and Easy Installation

All ACMS Mirrors are installed using our commercial quality cleats.

Hanging your mirror is easy and solid. The wall cleat is even long enough to allow horizontal adjustments.

Rest Easy

You should not be surprised to see that the quality of our packaging matches the mirror.

All ACMS Mirrors are safely packaged in a custom crate specific to the mirror.

Receiving your new mirror should be a complete thrill.