Oval Craft Frame - Quick Help Ordering


This quick help is not a replacement for reading the detailed description of this product...so please scroll down and do that.


Frame Size Selection.....

After calculating the frame size you need....there is a good chance it will not be listed in the drop down selection box.
What you do is simply select the next size UP from the frame size you need.

Then in the Frame Size Adjustment text box simply enter the Frame Size you need.


Lets say your artwork is 12" x 20"....you would select the 14" x 22" size (which is the next size UP from your artwork size)

Oval sizes are a bit different due to the variations in horizontal and vertical lengths.  The rule is to make sure your artwork size (in any direction) does not exceed the selected size in the product options.

Sometimes your artwork may be quite elongated (or not far from a circular shape).  In those instances please contact us and we'll guide you to the proper ordering size (or create a custom order for you).


Include Mounting Board.....

This is mostly for those that want to frame a print or loose canvas.  Prior to framing you'll want to mount it on a board.  Our mounting boards are 1/4" thick and perfectly sized for your frame.

If you include a mounting board with your frame order, make sure you make note of the thickness for determining your Rabbet Depth.


Include Clear Acrylic Cover.....

No explanation needed here....you either want an acrylic cover or you don't.  Our acrylic is 3mm (about 1/8") thick and clear.  Should you need a specialty acrylic cover please contact us for a custom quote.

If you include an acrylic cover with your frame order, make sure you make note of the thickness for determining your Rabbet Depth.


Frame Finish.....

Finishing is included with the purchase of your frame.  We have standard colors for you to choose from (refer to color chart in listing photos) or you can let us know a custom color to paint.  You do this by entering a valid VALSPAR color code/name.

If you want a Wood Tone Finish on your frame (refer to wood tone chart in listing photos), just enter in which wood tone finish you want.


Select Rabbet Width.....

In most cases, the default 3/8" works well for your artwork. 

Sometimes there is a need for a smaller rabbet width though, mostly to reduce the hidden portion of the art perimeter.  There may be details close to the edge that you want to show or maybe there is a signature too close tot he edge.

Sometimes there is a need for larger rabbet widths.  This is mainly needed for artwork with a border frame (like stained glass) or a heavy piece you really want seated more for stability.


Select Rabbet Depth.....

Every ACMS Craft Frame has a default Rabbet Depth of 3/8".  This is the depth needed for framing printed artwork using mounting board and clear acrylic cover.  If that is what you are framing....go with the 3/8" default depth.

Otherwise select the "Rabbet Depth Adjustment Required" option and read on...

The Rabbet Depth is the most complicated part of our Craft Frames.  There are so many options to display and secure your artwork, and we are one of the only frame makers (maybe THE only one) that easily allows this adjustment to be made as part of your basic order.

The "Components To Complete Your Artwork" section (scroll down) explains this adjustment well....but please contact us should you need help on this.  Once you let us know what it is you are framing we will be able to guide you easily.

Each frame thickness has a different maximum rabbet depth.  Knowing the total thickness of what you are wanting to frame (your artwork, acrylic cover, spacer etc) will let you know your Rabbet Depth requirements.  From that point you can select which frame you want (thickness and profile.

Look at the default Rabbet Depth (Spec Drawing in Listing Pics)....if this works for you great.  If you need it to be adjusted (smaller)....enter the depth you need and we will adjust the frame.


Spacer Requirements.....

Spacers are used in many different ways.  The most common way to use them is to place them between the acrylic and your artwork so your artwork is not against the acrylic cover.

This thickness of the spacer is determined by you, but if you are a new client you will most likely need to contact us to learn how it all works.

There is no charge for spacers, and we finish them the same as the frame.


Your Artwork Info.....

This is not a requirement but we would love to know what it is you are framing.  We may look at your order and realize that you did not order correctly or mis-calculated the frame size.

Most of our products are custom made for you per your specs, which makes them non-returnable.  Making sure your frame is exactly what you need is very important to us and we are always here to help you with the ordering.


Chat with us.....

If you have any questions regarding this product please don't hesitate to contact us.  The best way is via the "Chat with us" button lower right of screen.