International Orders for ACMS Clients


Beginning in 2023...

We are no longer shipping orders beyond the US that total under $150.00 (product cost only).

Despite our constant warnings to clients that small, single product orders will have shipping cost more (sometimes much more) than the product,  we are continuously asked to research a shipping quote.

In over 98% of the cases, we get a "thanks but no thanks".....which is fully expected and understandable.  Unfortunately...researching the best shipping quote takes time.  As a small business (and a very busy one)...we simply no longer have the time to waste.  We certainly want your business but not at the expense of having the invested cost/time exceed the income.

If you are an international client (along with Hawaii and Alaska)....and your order total is at least $150.00...feel free to continue reading for instructions on how to proceed.

Note regarding Puzzle Frames:

Puzzle frames are an exception (because some are a little less than $150.00) but be aware that puzzle frames are large and heavy.  Standard package sizes are up to 33"x33" and weigh as much as 18lbs.



Our product line is so diverse that it has actually caused huge problems when trying to make "off the shelf" purchases in our shop.  Overpriced (and sometimes underpriced) shipping calculations is one of the main problems but not the only one.

We custom make our shipping packages for each product or multiple products.  Some products cannot be shipped with other products for many reasons.  A large puzzle frame shipping with a small hoop frame shipping together would require an oversized box that may (or may not) cost much more to ship than two separate packages.  Shipping two frames and then finding out four frames could have shipped for the same price has caused some of our clients to say "why didn't you let me know I could have gotten much more product overall".'s all about getting the most bang for your buck so to speak.

So for us to ship beyond the US...we require you to let us know which products you want and your full shipping address (or just signing up in our hub and entering that information for us to have on hand).

Most people simply take a screen shot of their this:


You can also just send us screen shots of the product after entering any customization this:


And of course you can just send us a list of what you want if that's easier for you.

 Once we have that information we will figure out the best packaging and shipping costs for you.  In many cases we will also let you know if you are able to fit more items without affecting the shipping costs.

It seems sometimes that we try to "push products" on you but experience has shown us that it is greatly appreciated when we do this.

So for example:

You want (2) 9" hoop frames......which would be packaged in a 14"x14"x4" box and weigh 5lbs.

We calculate that the shipping is $50....but we also find out that shipping a 14"x14"x6" box that is 7lbs also costs $50 to ship.  We make you aware that you could fit another 9" hoop frame (or smaller) in the shipment with no additional shipping charges.  You are not required to add to your order but we have found that many of our clients are glad we gave them this information.

A small number of product is obviously going to be expensive to ship.  No matter how much you want to order....we really want your business and will do everything we can to get you the absolute best package price (product and shipping) so you can be happy about your purchase.

Getting us the cart information is just an email away....

You send it to and we'll take it from there.

If you have any input, questions or comments about this please feel free to post a comment below.  If we feel the comment is relevant and can help others we will accept the post.



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