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Moulding - FLAT - 1 1/4" Width

Moulding - FLAT - 1 1/4" Width

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ACMS Frame Mouldings provide the DIY Craftsperson a very cost effective way to create frames. 

Our mouldings are made using high quality SOLID HARDWOODS. 

This moulding is 1 1/4" wide and 1" thick.
The rabbet width is 5/16" and the rabbet depth is 1/2"
We offer 16', 24' and 32' packs - with the option for 24" and 32" lengths per bundle.
If you need longer lengths of moulding larger quantities just contact us.  We'll get a custom order together for you.

Our mouldings are currently available in the following species:
  • Poplar: This is the one you would select for painting
  • White Oak:
  • Red Oak:
  • Alder:
  • Cherry:
  • Ash:
  • Sepele: Holds up great outdoors
  • Spanish Cedar: Deepens over time (and smells great)
  • Walnut:

Because we use solid lumber....the color, character and grain pattern of our mouldings vary in many ways.

We make these mouldings ourselves and pay very close attention to maintaining consistency in your order.  You can be assured that every stick in your bundle is from the same batch of lumber.

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