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Puzzle Frame Bundle - 1000 Piece - Hot Air Balloons

Puzzle Frame Bundle - 1000 Piece - Hot Air Balloons

ACM Solutions

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ACMS Puzzle Frame Bundles are the perfect gift for the puzzler in your life (even if that someone is you).

High quality and beauty in both the frame and the puzzle....created by two companies well known for both.  These are not just framed puzzles...what we have here are works of art well suited for wall decor in any environment.

The best part about ACMS Puzzle Frames is being able to frame your puzzle without glue.  That's right...enjoy your puzzle anytime you want...removing it from the frame is just as easy as putting it in. 

We are aware that most puzzle framing requires you to glue your puzzle....a framing method we consider to be absolutely ridiculous.  The point of a puzzle is not only to enjoy it...but to enjoy it again...and pass it along to someone for them to enjoy as well...hopefully until the end of time.

Frames are used for display of course....but our puzzle frames also serve as storage for your puzzle.  Your finished puzzle is safe until you are ready to use it again....and when you put it back together...back in the frame it goes.

Framing your puzzle (and taking it out) takes all of about 1-2 minutes.  A small phillips screwdriver to properly tighten the turn buttons is all you should have on hand.

Once you get your first'll be hooked.  Over 80% of those acquiring our puzzle frames are repeat customers.

See for yourself...

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