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Round Craft Frame - 1 3/4" Thick - 1 3/8" BEAD Profile

Round Craft Frame - 1 3/4" Thick - 1 3/8" BEAD Profile

ACM Solutions

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ACMS CRAFT FRAMES are designed to frame just about anything.

We fabricate each frame on a per order basis and are able to customize them to suit your needs.  Understanding how to order them is very important so please take the time to read through the information below.

Should you have any questions about ordering the correct frame...please send a message via the "Chat with us" button below.  We will answer as quickly as we can.

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Frame Terminology

Understanding our terminology when describing your frame is very important and keeps us in sync so no mistakes are made.

The diagram explains it well but pay close attention to the Rabbet Depth and the Rabbet Width. Those two areas are the most important.

Read on....

Understanding Frame Size

Your artwork ultimately dictates the size of your frame.

ACMS Craft Frame sizes are always defined as the Clear Interior Opening of the frame. This is not (in most cases) the size of your artwork.

Frame widths, thicknesses, profiles and finishes vary quite a bit, but they all share the same definition when it comes to frame size.

Properly determining the frame size you need to order requires you to take the Rabbet Seat into account. The Rabbet Width is what creates the overall Rabbet Seat. Your artwork (or mounting board) is placed in the Rabbet Seat, securing it within the frame.

Because the Rabbet Width can vary, the Frame Size you order needs to be properly calculated.

Read on....

Understanding Rabbet Width

The Rabbet Width (along with your artwork size) is what determines the size frame you order.

ACMS Craft Frames have a default Rabbet Width of 3/8" (we add 1/32" for wiggle room by the way). This width works for most artwork.

For some artwork, however, you may need a smaller (or larger) rabbet width. Our Craft Frames allow you to make this adjustment.

So if your artwork is 16" round and you use the default 3/8" rabbet width, that would make your Frame Size 15 1/4" (which is your artwork size minus the 3/8" rabbet width at each side of the frame).

The same artwork size with a 1/4" Rabbet Width would now give you a frame size of 15 1/2" (your artwork size minus a 1/4" at each side of the frame.

This is the reason why our Craft Frames are sized the way they are.

Now the Rabbet Depth....Read on

Understanding Rabbet Depth

The Rabbet Depth is the space between the Rabbet Seat (frame lip is another term for it) and the Backer Board (which is secured to the frame with bolts).

We consider this depth to be the most important part of creating your frame....and the most customizable.

In addition to the thickness of your artwork, you need to consider the thickness of items like acrylic covers, mounting boards, mat material and even spacers (for shadowbox type frames).

So when you think of the Rabbet really need to think about how much space you need for every component that is placed within the Rabbet Depth.

Now we'll explore some of those options....

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Components To Complete Your Artwork

You may have artwork that you simply want to frame...a single piece with a size and thickness. That's an easy order.

In many cases, though, you will need some additional components.

You may want to frame a print, which will need to be you need a mounting board. You may want to place your artwork behind a clear acrylic cover...that's another component. You may also need a spacer between the acrylic cover and your artwork (so it doesn't get smashed)....and that is yet another component.

When you assemble (or stack) all components together, your Rabbet Depth requirements will be determined.

Components like a mounting board and clear acrylic cover are available as product options.

Other components like spacers are available by request.